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Hi Ross,

I think my feature requests are not so much wanted, yet, but by me, too. The following features are more important than others, in my opinion:

1. Midi

2. 64bit executables

3. Multicore support

Ross, I think, that Audiomulch is now good enough for most of people, We can use VSTs for most projects, which has very many solutions. But most computers nowadays has 64bit and multicores and audiomulch is limited in all of its own features by our computers. Means: all users with less money to more money would benefit from those things. Also features of the future would be less sorrowful. A Midi producing contraption like the bassline would end the sorrow of a solid Midi feature, all plugins are expensive or complex or have no tie!

Audiomulch would be more upgraded than with other things, Maybe a litte boring to programm for you Ross, but 2. and 3. getting more complex as the program grows.

Ross, you have made a wonderful program, even until now, there is a discussion in support, help and ideas under the the topic: " binary code idea leads to timestretching"