MidiLiveLooper Contraption

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The idea is pretty straightforward, though I imagine implementation could be challenging.

Basically, I'm requesting a contraption that functions just like LiveLooper, but instead of looping audio, it loops MIDI info. At the minimum, I'd be thrilled with MIDI note info (note number, on, off, velocity, channel, aftertouch...). Ideally, I would love if it could also record CC's, either as a separate choice (record mode: Notes OR CC's) or along with notes.

I use LiveLopper extensively, and I keep thinking up ideas that I'd like to do but then realize I can't do it without MIDI looping. For example, I'd loop a melody at the beginning of a tune, and then later on send it to a different synth an octave up. Or record a bass part and a melody line as one MIDI loop, then split the loop (via a MIDI plugin) so that the bass part goes to one synth and the melody to another.

I realize that the automation looper could allow some of the CC functionality I'm imagining, but the advantage to the MidiLiveLooper method is that you wouldn't need to predefine what CCs/params you'd like to loop; you could just tweak some knobs and it would record.


I have read previous posts from Ross about not being particularly motivated to create a piano roll style contraption, but hopefully this will be different enough for consideration.