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this has probably been mentioned before. i cruised through the "feature requests" threads but didn't see it.

anyway - i know there's no midi sequencer in audiomulch but there are other ways of generating midi data.. reaktor is a god one and soon, for the mac, there will be AU versions of some of the Numerology sequencers. I predict good things w/these inside audiomulch..

what would be cool would be a way to route midi data out of mulch from such plug ins.. to control hardware.. this would be cool.. for me anyways.. it'd be awesome to load up mulch and some sequencers for internal plug ins and also for sending to hardware in the studio.. it would be possible to tie the whole studio together.. the only thing that would be missing would be a way to record the hardware.. but that's what my G5 is for :)

would also be cool to route audio back into mulch from hardware that is being controlled by mulch.

so, maybe this isn't a "huge, gotta have it right away" type of request but i think if it was on the roadmap somewhere it would make for a nice light at the end of my personal tunnel :)

Ross B.
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Yep, I think this is something that needs to be added. I'm not going to commit to when right now though.

I'll be interested to see the Numerology AUs too.

I plan to update the roadmap once 2.1 is out the door (real soon now).


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"I'll be interested to see the Numerology AUs too."
me too...+1 for midi out

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hardware control? absolutely.

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As a new AudioMulch user, I just assumed this existed, so I tried to use it last night. I wasn't disappointed, as this is a great tool at a great price.

On that, I also vote for this feature.

Ross B.
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Yes it's clearly a missing feature. it will be added in an upcoming revision.