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Al Magnifico
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because of no reaction on my post in the list, duplicated here.

Recently Ross asked about demands when he would extend the MIDI controlling
capabilities. I couldn't dig out the thread (in fact im'm too lazy :), so I like
to share some ideas here:

1. The Smooth factor is very cool for mapping buttons/keys (note on messages w/
velocity) to continuous parameters, the velocity and duration of an binary event
maps to a continuous parameter. It could improve the flexibility of this
technique, if this smoothing had separate values for rising/falling values = a
simple a-d envelope

2. I have always too less knobs. I could solve the problem by switching presets
on my keyboard, but this is somewhat separated from the mulching process. I
imagine a kind of "single contraption control mode", where a set of knobs on my
controller controls only one contraption selected in the patcher / has focus in
the parameter window. So I could map the same, say, 8 controller buttons to the
main parameters in every contraption (maybe this could be done by some kind of
automatism, left-right order or so). In other word, an option "if selected" in
every controller mapping.

3. Easier Controller mapping for generate stair-shaped mappings.

4. A (optional?) MIDI inlet on every contraption to map internal/processed MIDI
to parameters, this would help to realize all the LFO etc. demands by VST MIDI

thank you

Al Magnifico
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Joined: June 24, 2009

I forgot one:

It would be very nice to have the mute/solo/record buttons in the automation lanes also hardware controlled.

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I'm +1 for suggestion #2.

REAPER has this cool feature whereby you can have loads of parameters on different tracks mapped to your MIDI controller, say the same for knobs on it, but when you map a function, you can state whether it can only be controlled if the track it is on is selected. Awesome!

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i have thought about this as well. I think that would really nice in a live situation.

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on top of this, it would also be very cool if there was a way to cycle through contraptions and take control of different ones, via flicking through them with a MIDI controller.

REAPER also has another feature where you can scroll up and down the selection of tracks via a MIDI encoder or two MIDI buttons, one for scrolling up and one scrolling down. It's very handy.

maybe this can already be done though?