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I work with Audiomulch for 1/2 year. The organization and the workflow are very intuitiv and creative. But I´m missing some functions. Here they are:

1.Loopplayer. Would like having a scratcher module.That is similliar to Loopplayer. But the speed of playing must be adjustable. On the one side of the slider negative speed on the other hand playing foreward. I would like play only a part of the file like "inskip" in the module bubbleblower. The part of the file should repeat like the loopbar in the automationbox. It should be possible to switch on wether the file should repeated or not.
After releasing the mute button the file should immediatly restart at the beginning of the signed area unlike the Loopplayer.

2.Southpole. An envelope is generated, when the input or sidechain triggers volume goes above the signed border. It fires normally more than one time, if the volume does´nt sink under this treshold. If you have for example a long tone of a bass, that you want to modulate only at the beginning, you have no chance. Therefore I want to have an option in the triggersource menu, that an envelope starts only at the beginning or the end of a high volume.

3.Automationbar. Here every Automation is placed, that you choose. I don´t want to see these Automations every time in the whole. _It is easy to click on a module at the patcher to bring its properties in the foreground. Like this I want the Automation only to be shown, if you click on the module in the patcher. (no question, that only the edited Automations are shown)
What do you do, if you want a automation to be shown everytime? In this case it must be possible to sign it with an exclamation mark. Another possibility is, that in the Automationwindow is a highlighted area, in which you can draw your wanted automation like you can organize the Automations yet. The highlighted area grows with the automations in there.

4. sSpat. I want to have a comet hail module. It works like sSpat, but you can draw one or more straight line. It is impossible to do this effect in sSpat, because it has no ending
__New modules. the new modules, that are similar to the old ones must be hidden in the plugin list. Only if you stay on the old one for a longer time, the new is shown.
This is better than a menu with headtopics, because users not familiar with Audiomulch can see all important at one sight and no long lists, too.
It also can be used with More Important, Less Important.

5.Copy Automationareas. At last I want to have a copied automation section been shown at the cursers position. At least the first couple of points. It would be easier to place them in the context to the earlier existent points.

Would be happy about some marks