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I think it would be nice if there was some simple VU/peak/level meter contraptions for monitoring levels of various signals while working with mulch. Or just various display contraptions, like an oscilloscope etc. it would be nice to be able to resize/lock these into each other too, or maybe just have some sort of display window? not sure--whatever would work best with the interface. But one of the main reasons I use mulch is for mixing and doing creative signal path manipulation, so having some built in meters besides the ones for the different ins/outs (and the nice new volume indications in the ports in the patcher window) would be nice!

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i think every contraption or at least the file recorders should have input level metering

also, the file recorders would be vastly faster to implement if they had gain per channel input or attenuators at least.

those things coupled w/the level meter would save a lot of time when recording and also keep the recording mishaps to a minimum. i've distorted a fair share of recordings.

on the PC i was using tapeIT2 and that was a great solution. level meters + gain... nothing like that for mac though.