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Joined: July 18, 2009

A number of live software progs, (Usine & Ableton for example) allow the user to use the computer keys to control parameters. This would be very useful for those of us who like to travel gigs as lightly as possible. How about this Ross?

Ross B.
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Joined: April 11, 2009

It's possible in the future. How would it work though? Most AM parameters are knobs and sliders, how would these get mapped to keys?

Al Magnifico
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Joined: June 24, 2009

Yes. most parameters are faders, but there are some uses for keys, I added a suggested key for it:

-Tap Tempo (Return to tap quarters, +Shift to additionally sych the upbeat, +ctrl to tap eights)
-Arm Record /Mute for the first 10 Automation lanes 1..n (Number keys 1..0, shift for mute)
-cycle through property-windows Tab

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Joined: June 25, 2009

you could also have options for mapping sliders:

- min/max
- cycle through user-values
- fade up to max(or key release) then turn around until min (or key release) then turn around etc.

actually the third option is probably the other two with added smoothing....

depending on wihich (mod)keys would be mapped to the Automation,
we could also use the keys for Matrix-Cells

wow, maybe at some point we would need the mouse only for the metasurface...

so which key brings up the contraption menu?
OK, connecting cable via key...hmmmm

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This must have been requested already: numerical hotkeys to switch between patches in the Document Switcher?

Inward Maze
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Joined: August 2, 2009

The "cycle through user defined values" could indeed be very useful. Or at least a switch between two values to mimic some sort of "mute/unmute" on contraptions that don't have one already.

Or key-strokes to navigate through the current sample folder of the "sampling" contraption in use (as the path is kept in memory). For exemple a key to jump to the next sample and a key to jump to the previous one. But I reckon it could become problematic.

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I'd definitely love to assign keys to meta-surface presets (with maybe a smooth factor between switches). The live looper could benefit for. Freeze on the granulator, the mute of solo buttons.

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to add to this..what about macros "A" for example and up pop a whole series of contraptions, linked,with parameters set and ready to go!?

or can this be done and im missing something? [still on v1 here]

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I think this is a cool idea too.. I like how key commands are implemented in REAPER with the "action list" where, in the same dialog, you can add midi CC's and/or keyboard strokes, along with other input methods. this feature would probably fit neatly right into the parameter modulation window.