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Flower Pot
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If you are going to start implementing midi I have some suggestions to help keep AudioMulch cutting edge and experimental. Here are some contraption ideas.

#1: "accumulate & bang" counts either all midi notes or a user defined midi note and when it reaches X amount of inputs it sends an output trigger to the connected "burst trigger"

#2: "burst trigger" will do things like output an X amount of a user defined note at X speed

#3: "occasional ignore" will let the user mute or drop every X midi note/user defined note

#4: "occasional swing" will let the user shift/delay/swing every x midi note/user defined note

#5 "filter and force" will let the user force all incoming notes to a specific note/scale and set thresholds for velocity and range

An example of how this would work: Imagine a drum sampler at the end of the chain, a C3 is triggering a kick drum and every 25th time, contraption #2 trigger a burst of C2's that will trigger a snare roll and this can keep going and going but every time there will be variations because of the constraints of contraption #3 and #4

Every module could be activated/deactivated by the "accumulate & bang" module.

I guess this is a lot to suggest, and isn't very likely but I think adding these types of contraptions would appeal to the people who want to get into max/msp because of the appeal of generative processing but don't have the patience to learn it.

It would also be brilliant for setting up some midi controller's to jam and improv live with midi at performances.

Ross B.
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Hi Flower Pot. Thanks for the feedback. I think you're spot on to say this is max/msp territory.

I may add some basic MIDI filtering contraptions (key splits, layering, channelizing etc), but what you're proposing is more like creating a programming environment -- and for that there is already KeyKit, max/msp, Pd, etc etc. So I probably won't go in that direction -- not for MIDI contraptions anyway.