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I imagine a resonating Highpass as a stand-allone contraption.

In parallel with orginal southpole: notch filter
In serial connection: bandpass

Both (general) cutoffs form the sound like before (sounds like the synth ms20 from korg).

-CONNECT things: You can connect both general cutoffs and can adjust the distance between them on the "backside".
You can connect envelope elements, too, as the front sides appearance is the same like now southpole.
-ONE SHOT pattern: on the backside are also patterns. They are shorter and are triggered by the ones on the front (which you can fuse again with the one of its partner contraption. So if one lowpass has an envelope, the highpass makes a little movement, or vice versa.)
They control the referring envelopes in several points: gate, relative value of sustain to the set one and the relative gate length.
The sense is to get the main pattern rid of too much work.
-Connect2: if an Arpeggiator controls the southpoles, it has volume-and filter-envelopes
The Arp. can have an intensity knob, which controls the depths of this gate effect, in other words, the wet/dry.

PS: the connections between the contraptions are simple connections in the hidden patcher(subtle connections)
The "backside" of all contraptions keep musical, deeper controls of them, so that they are not for beginners of audiomulch, but don't influence the front and sound, if not known. (i will suggest other backsides to in a big topic