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I'm in the process of trying out Audiomulch to see if it is something that would fit my workflow. First, a HUGE thank you for making the trial 60 days - you don't know how nice that is. You simply can learn a new application in 10 or 15 days.

Both formats listed in the subject (flac and ogg) are open, and I would love to see support for loading them. I was a bit sad to see that most of my samples (gleaned from sites supporting open formats) cannot be used. They can be converted, yes, but that's a bit of a pain.

Thank you for your hard work!


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I'm not real smart, y'all:


sorry about that...

Ross B.
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Hi Josh. Yes I will consider this for the future. I'm interested though, what sites are you visiting that use FLAC and ogg?

Best wishes


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Here's a host of free (as in freedom and beer) samples:


Unfortunately the torrent isn't working, so I had to scrape them all from here:


There's something like 4 GB of data there, mostly in flac format as I recall (I'm away from my music computer now).

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I just wanted to say that DJ Tiesto 'In search of sunrise' albums are all in .flac. That's 7 albums produced by him - his most famous all tracks are .flac

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flac/ogg support is pretty low on my list of gotta have it features but the more the merrier.

oh, and someone mentioned tiesto which mandates the trancecracker ;)