Effects to pop up in separate window WITH hotkey function

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I am missing (a big time) a feature to popup VST effect window (just specific VST effect) with a single global hotkey.

As you may be aware, Audiomulch is pretty widely known within CarPC community, and that's where I am coming from.
My goal is to have CarPC frontend like RIdeRunner or Centrafuse, and the AudioMulch to run in background with 3 separately EQ'ed outputs (fronts, rears, subs) . So say I play music in Centrafuse and I hear that I need to tweak Subwoofer EQ a little, so I click a "SUB EQ" button (which would be assigned to a keyboard combination press), which Audiomulch detects as it's global hotkey and pops up (ideally full screen) window with my effect window (this time SUB EQ). Say I press 'Fronts EQ" and it pops up my Audiomulch effect window for fronts EQ. And that's JUST the specified effect window, no audiomulch interface or menus etc, for neat and seamless front-end configuration.