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The main idea is to drag and drop projects into an "active project" window and sweep to other projects, a "previous project" window and a "next project" window. A addition would be "session projects", where projects of audiomulch get linked, for a whole concert or a CD or both the same time. Here such routings as implementation of synthesizers or in and outs or the automation of makros/ track-endpoints are done generally.

Project patcher:

The Project patcher has mainly three areas with the three projects mentioned before, at which the "active project" has the most options. Functions underneath are a 1.clock-crossfade;  2. timeline-snapshots (representations/blocks) 3.Harmony switch

1.The clock-crossfade is a crossfader between the three sections. The center is the programmed tempo of the active project(what you saved or automated in audiomulch), in the middle of two projects is the average of both, BUT: Every Section can have a multiplier! Mean: If the active project should play twice the speed of the next project when fused (your point of change while a session) and play at different speed but in sync, you tipe in a box this multiplier. The center stays at normal speed.

Technical Note: The slide control knob is the actual clock. So if you tipe in "life" the multiplier it jumps to the clockposition that is correct but between these projects. The clock stays at the same speed while changing the multiplier! The center is the active project speed - it gets faster(multiplier: 2x). the next projects beginns at half the tempo of the active project and gets faster to its speed

2.The timeline-snapshots are complete in the active project window. The both other windows has only outro- snapshots respectively intro-snapshots. There are up to three timelines one under the other, which has masters and slaves, according to your routing in the session project. Monophonic synthesizers can only play one note per time, so in the session patcher there must be midi mixing plugins, with musical behaviour.

3. The harmony switch addapt the scale of the projects so that the are in harmony with each other. The harmonic scale and behaviour of one project is patched by you in the undersection of "subtle connections"

Session projects:

Session projects are your configuration, but patched. Here are all settings grounded. The main reason to have one is the switch between projects that represents individual songs. Here is a patcher with sum Aux contraptions(individual outputs for one aux-channel) soundouts of the previous/active/next project, and mixers gains, 8x8 midi routers, midi granulator-mixer, Arpeggio-mixers and mixers that route after project name(snapshot for project names).

An automation window is there, too. It´s for looong automations.

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