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How about the ability to copy and paste a single note, or a group of notes, within Bassline, for instance? Or, at least, to be able to, say, Command-click on an existing note and then (with another key-mouse combo) paste it - click, click, click, one by one - into other slots on the timeline. This would do away with having to open and close each slot in order to change its note value.

Ross B.
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That's planned under "Cut, copy and paste of rhythmic patterns in contraption editors" here:

As you can see, there are a few things ahead of it. Progress is being made though.

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In bassline it would be enough that the keyboard doesn´t disappear after choosing a note and go to the next step automatically. The keyboard must be (placed) under the bassline, so that you can choose the same step again, if you want (for manipulating a melodie for example).
The suggestion to copy an existing single note, i guess, is complicated, because you have´nt a single note so much times.- you must copy every new note once before pasting one time or so.

related requests:
-southpol needs pattern reorder arrows.

Tree Farm
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Sort of related:

I think I'd prefer it if the program broke my current phrases up rather than squish values together when selecting the note value.

For instance, say I have a chain of Bflat quarter notes in the bassline, and then I decide that one of those quarter notes should be broken into two different eighth notes, leaving one Bflat and changing the other to D. I switch the value of beats to do so, but everything gets squished rather than breaking current values up. This makes you have to redo a whole line.

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Winslow, I am sorry.
Copy and paste of a single note, is useful. Because if you want to have a melody with some shorter ornamentation, you have to choose generally 1/16 note lenght (until yet,see below) and copy your long note on several 1/16 steps.

To Tree Farm: Yes, you are right. I had the same problem. I think, it´s less important in the musical- production-process
to transpose a slow melody or bassline in a piece, which is doubled in speed(otherwise you change bpm in the master-clock),
than going into detail, while producing.

But if you change the steps from short to long, there is a problem. Shall shorter notes be passed over?
Maybe a little window, that ask you(slowen pattern or keep lengh and pass over)?
Maybe a question is also not wrong,when you shorten the step lenght. 3-4 seconds more work.

related: It were necessary to mark a pattern to transpose it then in semitones.

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I have run into this same problem and pondered possible solutions, including the idea of just hitting a magic button and seeing all note values halved - quarters turning to eighths, for instance - or doubled. Ideally, one could just halve only a few selected notes and none of the others.

It just occurred to me that a workable solution is to add a second Bassline in parallel to the first. The original might be in quarter notes. Say you decide you need one or more quarter notes, already embedded in a sequece, to be 8ths. You could create a second Bassline, lock it into 8ths, and have it play the required notes and nothing else; of course, you'd delete the corresponding notes in the first Bassline. You'd just have to be careful that all the parameters are the same in both contraptions; one way to do that is simply use a copy of the first one.

Another solution, which I have played with and used with good results, is to run a completed Bassline through Southpole, which you can set up to halve or triple or quarter selected notes as required. This tends to change the attack, etc., of the notes, but it has worked for me in certain situations.

Hope this is helpful.

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I agree with the above, also cut copy paste in the drum contraption would be good too.