Compression tools

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Azul Baroniss
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The following would be a complicated feature, something that would make me want to hug Ross Bencina for the rest of my life, but probably only 1 of a 100 producers would really need it, if it were possible at all.

When using the SGains and blowing the volume and distorting the sound, a certain compression takes place creating a much noisier and harder sound. The SGain compresses everything thats connected above the SGain but because of the volume, it will affect every patch output in the entire document. Whats needed is to create an Isolated group of patched (either a mega patch feature as suggested by many others) or using an isolated mixer (like in fruity loops).
To push things really to the very core of my needs, a control at the mixer of how much is getting isolated and how much doesnt, not only with volume (SGain) but also frequency (SParaEQ) and whatever patch you put between it. That means a side chaining between isolated and normal mixer using patches would be taking place.
For that we would need a new isolated mixer with a side chain trigger.

There are other ways of compressing using standard side chain, but this would take sound compression into a new dimension.