close all contraption windows?

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was just thinking of this yesterday while mulching, it'd be cool if there was a button, or a right click option in the properties view to close all windows?

it obviously gets cluttered sometimes, and i like to close everything down, and start fresh again. it'd be good to have a button like that, instead of having to close each one by one.

cheers, louis.

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I have floated around the idea of a tabbed Properties Panel - where you could have multiple tabs open showing the various Contraptions you want: a tab for the Drums, a separate tab for AUX effects, a separate tab for File Players/Sig gennys etc.

Then you could switch between the views you want to see without having to close and re-open windows as you need them.

I don't think it's developed anymore - but Maize Studio had a tabbed interface. Personally I would see it working like an Internet Browser - but the tabs could be nameable (double click) and maybe MIDI controllable (Tab Switcher).

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that sounds interesting, but somehow i feel it doesn't relate to this. deserves it's own thread.

personally i like having all my contraptions in the one view, i'd just like a simple close all button to start fresh again.