"Bypass" button on every contraption possible?

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Would it be possible to add a "Bypass" button (I am imagining next to the Help, Presets, and Close buttons already appearing at the top of every contraption in the Properties pane)? It would be very useful for internal contraptions, and plugins that don't come with their own bypass, and much faster than having to click it in the patcher pane, select bypass and then "Undo" etc.


Quite a few of the plugins I use are losing their "Bypass" buttons, the reasons being given that "Most DAWs already have their own Bypass functionality built in, and so the plugin's Bypass is uneeded".

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Maybe it's getting full up there, but I see importance, too. "Full" because two things are missing, too, for me.
One save button and one bottom for switching to an advanced side of the contraption. For Granulators you can choose the sampling point in time and a noise gate. That is different to gate with bassline or southpole, because the gate duration can reach over the next point or it samples only material at its beginning.

The save button improves the workflow. Snapshots shall be persistent in view and editable when you press "edit" in the snapshot menu. Save does save the changes quickly. Without it they discard, when you loose "edit". (the same way you solo more than one audio line in other sequencers you can "edit" more than one snapshot seeing the last triggered, but only the choice. )

With good luck, Ross adds a bypass button to vst-windows only instead of a back button(advanced view)
P.s.The the back of the bassline is swing, sustain, offbeat and hopefully more.

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Yes, I absolutely find bypass button would be a very important add.

There was some talking about this already: http://www.audiomulch.com/forums/feature-requests/bypass-control-all-con...


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Thanks, I rememberd that thread but couldn't find it!