Better way to add presets, Easier plugin editor window management in OS X

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Often times I want to add a lot of presets at once, but the preset window closes as soon as I add one. All those extra clicks do add up. Maybe keep the preset window open, maybe add a dedicated button and keyboard shortcut to create a new preset in the next blank slot.

With the "show editor" button I think that an option to have it close when you click outside the dedicated editor window (except on the associated preset manager button) would help. An option for all the popup windows to "share" the same widow, so that only one editor was open at a time would help too. Barring that, escape or some other key to close would be easier. The close button is smaller than standard, which makes it somewhat slower to target.

Ross B.
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I'm unifying the way metasurface snapshots and contraption presets work. One consequence of that is that it makes sense to have an "add new preset" button at the top of the preset window. I don't really understand why you would want multiple duplicate presets though, can you explain that?

As for the "show editor" button.. I really want to try to get rid of that. I'll be working on that sometime in the forseeable future and if I don't succeed then your idea is not the worst workaround...