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In the minimal techno piece "animals" by minilogue the main melody varies in notes, that are played or not. It produces an interesting progression in the whole song.

Mutation is easily done in Mulch by a second bassline or finer with southpole. Not like skip. I don't hear if skip is used, but the function must be useful to vary within one snapshot.

1.One idea are scenes of "mute/skip/or let through" and are able to choose. One scene is one pattern with those three values. Somehow the pattern-length for looping must be set.
It must be able to change the progress live.
It is complicated, because those are snapshots in the snapshots, that are more easy to handle with.

2.Another way of doing it is that you are able to delete a whole step and make a new snapshot of the rest.

So very little to change(2) or more of one snapshot(idea1)

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There are two new experiences I have made:

1.Deleting a step as something like copy and paste is good but live having skip/mute-patterns Is better.

2.It's delightful to trigger a step in a baseline, hold it or let it be the start point of your sequence.

The latter is unrealistic to be part of mulch I think.
The first can be done. With a few changes: trigger buttons, midi controlled, react once on pressing or on the key/midi signal, hold its pattern, change only when a new trigger appears. This can be the midi-signal of another pattern or a flag. Therefore Triggers, flag controlled, do allow new triggers contrasting to mulchs other behavior.
The automation is good for having timemarks or to record ,somehow live, your track for CD.

PS To record a track live (or as you would do it live) with "true nonlinear composing" or "live-patching" is the best way to sequence a CD, sensitively.

Update: the scenes are possible, even now: with copied basslines that run side by side. You have to change the gatepattern in the copied bassline, so that one time the original is playing the other time the copied. With gain contraptions you can fade one of them away.
With something like the metasurface you can controll the scenes!