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It seems as though the LFO contraption request is not getting the attention I had hoped for and after much thought on the subject i have concluded that it may be easier for the developer to implement an automation shape feature that would not alter the patcher workflow. The way this could work is the user could be given the option to "shape" their automation using predefined shapes such as sine, saw, square, etc which can be scaled to a user defined time. Any thoughts on this? I absolutely love the chaotic nature of audiomulch. It is one of the main reasons I purchased. However, IMO it would be great if we could bring some order to the otherwise unpredictable nature of certain contraptions. Thanks again for your time.


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The Lfo thing has been requested a lot the past few years. I bugged Ross also by e-mail from time to time . But now, I'm just waiting for it to happen and I know it will. Not sure how it's gonna be implemented but I really trust Ross to come up with something innovative.

Hopefully we'll see this in 2.x release.



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That is very reassuring. Thank you for the info.


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I'd love to see random LFO/signal business introduced into something like this.

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A Randomise/Chaotic function for lfos would be good too, this is something I use a lot in the vj app VDMX, nice one :-)

In a similar vein it would also be useful and fun to be able to 'mirror' or 'flip' selected automation shapes somehow.

This idea keeps popping into my head whenever I copy/paste between two similar contraptions, I've even started looking for 'Mirror H' and 'Mirror V' somewhere between the Snap and the Unautomate when you right click an automation!

Auto-Psychic Programming anyone ...

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yeah, looking forward to the implementation of the LFO's... I hope there is something besides just simple fixed waveform LFO's, maybe some sort of strange-attractor or chaos based generator, or something fractal. anything that could make interesting semi-random control data pretty much.

and in the LFO's, I hope there are some extra parameters, like pulse width, randomness, and maybe a rectifier/waveshaper sort of option... and of course, all of the parameters able to be modulated by other LFO's :)