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Joined: July 27, 2012

I don't know how feasible this is, but it would be amazing if the automation window could store presets like the Drums contraption does.

Different envelopes, different lenghts/loop points for each preset.

Self-explanatory I think?

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This is a good idea, especially for making parts for intro, verse and refrain. Yet their length is a problem, with your idea not.
But when you record a track not live, how does the switches happen. I have suggested containers that are busses for their embedded contraptions that fit to this function.
But here are these advantages:
-The Bus is ,like the drumscontraption, in the propertywindow. Means the main bus is still there for slow tweaks.
-Different contraptions can have different buslengths and switch possibilities.
-LFOs, envelopes are included
However your idea is simple and after all powerful. Live is your idea all I need

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i like the loop points idea a lot.  i like the idea of seeing all the envelopes on the timeline and then just moving to where you want... something you could play with the metasurface. :)

personally i'd want an option for the playback head to follow the loop start (or not) as part of the preset options.

muting of automation i would i'd like a lot too so you can play the mutes a little easier than clicking them.

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I have implemented your idea in the "macros sessionview" topic
Thank you for your good idea! le_kzgl!