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I've been using AudioMulch for a loooong time so I have 1,000's of .amh files.

Thing is, over the years, I've had my audio libraries on different drives (D:, E:, etc) as I've worked on different audio workstations. Many of the folder names have also changed as I've reorganized my stuff (my 'drums' folder has been parsed out into 'kick drums', 'snare drums', etc). The idea of going through each individual .amh file and updating the paths is daunting to say the least.

And yet I still go back to some of those old files to plunder material or re-engineer it into something new.


It would be awesome to have a way of automating the updating of references. Maybe by creating an index file of every .wav on a computer, then an .amh file can reference the index and automatically update the paths? Not sure, just a random idea.




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That`s a nice idea. Maybe if we could create a reference, like you said, in a preset or in presets of files to its path. When you open the audiomulch project and the error appears, you can click on this preset or another to define your source without searching! 

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Hi I'm new hear so not sure if this is of any use but I would approach this problem outside of audiomuch.

I'm not a programmer so someone else could do it more efficiently but I'd do something like this:

1) I'd use a text search tool search all .amh file and list all the occurances of strings starting with "<soundfile>file:" This would give me some idea what I needed to change and where the original files were. 

2) I'd use another search to list the current path of all wav files. This would help me identify the correct new paths

3) I'd use a bulk find and replace to update the file paths in the amh files. It is likely that there are are not too many different combinations so it might turn out to be less difficult that it seems at first look.

I'd be happy to look into this in more detail if it would be of any use to you.