Audiomulch itself as a VST plugin

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i would like to have Audiomulch directly into Cubase, as VST / VSTi plugin so that it could be used much more easly on my same Cubase interface.

if not possible for all Audiomulch software, why not sell some audiomulch contraption, as the granulator one, and filters, phaser, and so on as VST plugins ?

KT Granulator don't sounds exactly as the Audiomulch one, much better.

would be really great.


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Only Ross knows this 100%, but I'm 99.99% certain that AudioMulch as a VST aint gonna happen. You'd be better off using audiomulch as an insert or buss effect via Cubase...

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According to the roadmap ( , a vst plugins version could be possible. Audio units or rewire are also considered.

Personally, I don't really care about none of that cuz I tend to use AM stand alone. I'd rather see new features like waveform overview in the automation panel or a midi piano roll. If I had to choose though, I'd say rewire would be more interesting for me. AM has a rewire master or slave.


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It should be possible to do more or less what you want to do now. With a bit of effort to get initially set up, you could run Audiomulch alongside a DAW like Cubase and route multichannel audio and Midi to AM and get multichannel audio back in to your Daw from AM for example.

I've often run AM in tandem with Logic, routing audio between apps via JackPilot (on a Mac in this case). In essence, Logic is the host, sending audio and clock (and midi automation sometimes) to AM. You could even control AM2 parameters via the Daw's automation if you wanted.

It's not quite as convenient as a calling up a plug-in, but it is, just as (if not more) functional.

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yeah, not to burst anyone's bubble, but I think that support for mulch as a vst would be a waste of development time. I think that the whole appeal of mulch, at least to me, is that it is a great standalone system. I'm a little sick of big bloated plugins, and think that there should be more focus on solid, focused tools like mulch. I'd rather Ross worked on more cool features for mulch instead of adding to the slew of bloated crash-prone VST plugs that are already out there. Anyone out there run FL studio as a vst, or plogue bidule? Works, but what a mess.

just my two cents of course :).

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Mulch as VST would bring it to full fruition, IMO.
Possibilities would be endless, even more so than now, being able to add ensembles of effects and routing tracks into others hosting Mulch all within your DAW, and not having to set up a MidiYoke type scenario, which isnt exactly ideal because any workaround apart from ReWire will not support realtime sync and transport control.
I dont see what, if anything it would take away from the app as a whole. Once its been coded, then fine, thats it.
A whole new base of users will open up also. Trying out a new VST as opposed learning a new app is bound to rope more in.
I think also it should be taken into account that alot of Mulch users may not even use any of the contraptions, I for one use it mainly to host VSTs.

ReWire on the other hand would get around all of this.

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Yep, I agree that this would be a great idea, e.g. I use Plogue Bidule most of the times as a VST effect/instrument. I never cared for Rewire...

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the idea : if making the whole audiomulch as a VST effect would take lot of time of development, well :

how about starting to making some "contraptions" as VST effects. Well, i thing about the granulator one, the phaser one, the pad, the harmonic synth. They sould be automadisable into the host sequencer (Cubase... ) and should be sold as a pack or each separatly, but a pack as "audiomulch VST pack" would keep a structure and would bring some new users towards the main Audiomulch standalone, for making much more...


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is there any news about this ?