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Ross B.
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[Just posted this to the mulch-discuss mailing list, thought you'd like to hear about it here too]

Korhan wrote:
> Any news on 2.1? :)

Hi Korhan, everyone :-)

I am working away on 2.1, along with weekly help from Melita re-writing the contraption reference help pages, Alan working on the light grey color scheme, Katharine on the video tutorials (which you chould check out if you havn't already). It may seem quiet but there is definitely work happening -- and lots of it.

However, as you may have guessed things are going slower than anticipated. This is due to two things (1) I've underestimated how much work would be involved, especially with the time signatures and the help file re-writes and (2) I don't feel like I've been getting through teh coding tasks as efficiently as I would have liked over the long hot summer here in Australia.

That said, things are moving forward and I hope to put out 2.1 beta 1 in a few weeks (remember, AudioUnits will be in beta 2). I'd like to be more specific than that but there is still a lot to do and it's not something I want to rush. I am comitted to including all promised features in 2.1:
- Time signatures
- Audio Units (on OSX)
- Dynamics contraptions (Compressor, Limiter, NoiseGate)
- Switchable light grey color scheme

And Korhan, you'll be happy to learn that I have also resolved the issues with AudioMulch loosing track of selected MIDI devices if you don't have them plugged in when AudioMulch is started. AudioMulch 2.1 keeps track of selected MIDI devices whether or not they are connected, and will automatically rescan for new devices if you connect a MIDI device while AudioMulch is open.

Also, there have been a few bugs raised on the forums which I think justify a 2.0.4 update release sometime over the next month. I'm just checking out a few more bugs before I do an official release, but there is a beta of 2.0.4 available if you've been having settings/preference issues on OSX or MIDI related crashes:
If you'd like to check it out I'd be interested to hear your feedback.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.

Best wishes


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hey ross.

will 2.1 OS X fix the current issue of having to have VST plugins show in a seperate floating window via the "Show Editor" button. Will plugins be embedded like in Windows?

Ross B.
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I don't know yet. The current development version doesn't resolve that issue -- but I will be investigating further before the release. Aside from someone (perhaps you) saying that Reaper does it, I have no evidence that it will be technically possible -- certainly many other hosts don't do it. -- Ross.