Using SDelay to create swing - Help file question

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Small matter: In the AM Help files describing SDelay contraption,there is this paragraf, in the Suggested Uses section :

"For example, when combined with Drums, SDelay can be used to "swing" the programmed sequence, or to increase the complexity of a simple rhythmic pattern. Using a small Delay time, equivalent to or less than a semiquaver (125ms), with no Feedback and Wet/Dry set at 0.00%, the rhythmic pattern is shifted off the beat in relation to other clock-synchronized signals, creating a swing feel."


Shouldn't that Wet/Dry setting be 100%, not 0.0%, to get any kind of delay? At 0%, the SDelay contraption has no effect, is my experience, while at 100%, it would output only the delayed signal (wet) and no original signal (dry). Or am I misunderstanding something? My ear tells me I am right, but I defer to others.