Scroller at Drums doesnt work [Resolved]

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Azul Baroniss
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Joined: December 22, 2009

Dear Admins of AM,

Usually the size of my AM Projects reaches about 100KB and Im using quite a lot of drums there. When I try to zoom in with the +/- buttons, after a given zoom you cannot move the scroller nor zoom in or out with it. The look of the scrollbar slightly changes, and whenever I try to click on it, it jumps away from my mouse.

Another thing, when my Projects rises at 150Kb and more, the playback really lags. Theres severe click sounds in the music and the playback jumps back and forth slightly. When I try to export such a sound file, I get nasty "squeech sounds" in the result.

If it doesnt make it clear, I could make some screenshots.

Best Regards,
AM-fanatic Azul Baronis

Ross B.
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Hi Azul

I havn't heard of the lagging problem before. The scrolling problem has been reported but I'm still looking for more examples of when it happens.. so getting a copy of one of your patches which does it would be helpful.

How does the CPU load look in AudioMulch (its shown in the status bar at the lower left)?

Would it be possible to email me one of the documents which is creating problems so I can take a look at it here? My email address is



Azul Baroniss
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Joined: December 22, 2009

Scrolling problem with Drums is solved. Just resize the drums by whatever value, the scrollbar will get to narmal again.