Resetting the transport does not reset automated parameters

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I have programmed some automation for a track which plays out fine. However what I have noticed is that, if I reset the transport, the automated parameters are not reset to the values they should have at the start of the piece until I play it again.

In other applications I have automation tends to follow the sequencer position so scrubbing (and in this instance resetting) the transport changes the automated parameter value. In the case of a transport reset you get the initial parameters.

I am, for example, automating the amp of a series of bubble blowers. When I am ready to record I reset the transport but the amp values of the blowers are not reset. I have to either do that manually or hit play and then stop and then reset the transport again.

I can live without "live automation scrubbing" but it would be really useful if resetting the transport reset all automated parameters to their initial automation values.



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What you can do is create a preset in the Bubbler; it will record all the settings you want to start your piece with. Then, you can automate the Preset selection - the usual way - and have your automation start with that preset. Then, your setup will be sure to start as required each time you reset the transport and push Go.
Somewhat related: I have made a habit of creating presets on contraptions when I hear something I like, just so I can fiddle in real-time with various parameters and still be sure of getting back to some state/configuration that I know and liked. It's as close to an undo that AM offers.

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Your preset suggestion w.r.t. experimentation is a good one but I don't think it helps in the situation I am presenting.

The problem is not that the automation data isn't right when you start the transport from the beginning, it is that it doesn't send automation data until you start the transport at the beginning.

So if I automate the Amplitude of a Bubbler from 0 to 1 over a performance and stop playing half-way through, then wind the transport back to 0 the Amplitude of the Bubbler is still 0.5 and won't go back to 0 until I start the transport again or manually adjust it back to 0.

That is the automation data is following playback and not following the transport itself.

This means you have a kind of hop-skip arrangement where you reset the transport, then hit play and then try and stop it before anything else can go off, then stop and reset the transport again.

If automation was triggered by the transport all the time then simply moving the scrubber back to the 0 position would reset all automated controls to their values for that position. I think this would make a lot more sense.


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Hello Matt

I'm pretty sure I understand what you're asking for. As you observe, AudioMulch Automation currently only changes parameter values while automation is playing. Not while it is stopped.

I would like to research this further. Could you give some examples of other software that works the way you expect? (ie changes automation values when rewinding.)