Really bad gui lag and stability on OSX 10.9.4

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Long time fan and user for Audiomulch 1.0 and boy was that version solid as hell. Now I'm here testing 2.2.4 and while the GUI looks nice, the stability is just not there. I'm hoping that it's something on my computer that is creating the lag but I quit all the running programs, rebooted, and still there is really bad lag on the GUI. It doesn’t sync with the beats playing in realtime (for example the cursor that moves on the drums contraption, it's not on beat) and also the the program just suddenly crashes too. Plus another thing too is the software feels slower, especially when selecting samples in the browser. I hope this program is just as stable as version 1.0 but it's not happening on my system. Anything else I can try to have this software running solid? What else should I check/do on my system besides the obvious?

Ross B.
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Hi Oxxi,

Thanks for your helpful feedback.

Could you please email your crash reports to me at and I'll get back to you about what might be causing your crashes.  (Let me know if you need more info about finding the crash reports in Apple's Console app.)

It is possible that there is some specific issue on your system. The level of lagging that you are reporting (out of sync with beats) is unusual.

There is a known bug on Mac: if you have *a lot* of overlapping contraption editor windows open then there will be performance issues. Is it possible that's you're doing that?

It is true that AudioMulch's GUI is slightly slower on Mac than on Windows -- AudioMulch 2.2.4 is more responsive on Windows. We will be working towards impoving this in AudioMulch 2.3.



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Hi Ross, 

I have sent you an email with crash reports per Apple's console app. Also, I did have several open contraption windows open but I'm not sure if it was 'a lot' per se. So I ended up closing a few of them and the GUI lag was reduced and so far it seems to be a lot more bearable. :) I'm using the Aalto synth and the GUI interface has also improved. Hitting about 22 percent CPU, a bit taxing indeed.