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Staszek Bromboszcz
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I have one problem in my project.
In my patch I have:
processes controlled with the automation
and FilePlayers fith wave file.
FilePlayers are not in the automation, I would like to controll them witch MIDI for example (play function and fileplayer schould stop automatically after at the end of wave file)
When I play fileplayer it make loop funkction with playing atomation (I dont wont that, the loop function in fileplayer is off....)
Schould I change something in preferences?
Is there is any chance to change that?
Thanks for any information.
(Mac user)

Ross B.
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Hi Stanislaw

A couple of things:

- If you want to control a FilePlayer via MIDI you midi control its Active property (eg FilePlayer_1.Active). If you go to View > Parameter Control > Mapping, you can set the [x] Toggle check box and then you should be able to start and stop the file from a single button on your MIDI controller.

- If you're controlling FilePlayer.Active from Automation you probably need to uncheck its AutoRewind property to disable looping.

Hope that helps