poti range southpole

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I have a problem either to get a loud sound out of southpole or get a low level tone the whole time. When cutoff is not closing the filter, but the volume is in zero position(I remember -36db) there is a tone e. g. as your are sythesizing with reversed envelopes of the cutoff.
Especially when you had to make the outcome louder(e.g.clicks for the rhythm ) you have to cut the disturbing tone with a noisegate.

Ross B.
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I'm not sure these answer your question, but here are a couple of ideas:

-36db is not the zero position. Maybe the tone coming from whatever you are feeding into the contraption?

A "tone" sounds like the filter might be resonating. If you have the resonance/Q set to full, the filter will self-oscillate (making a tone). That is the expected behavior. If you don't like the ringing, turn the resonance down a bit.




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I think you are right with the answer, that it comes from the input signal. I was confused, because I want to produce a snare, kick and a click in the same southpole. Actually I closed the noise (my raw input signal) with the cutoff, not with the gain, like I said incorrect above. Here is the low (frequency) noise. The click needs a divided volume and cutoff envelope, that's better than to put up volume and hope the cutoff makes the same job.
I am sorry for my confusion and thank you for your answer!