Plug-ins confused about their pre-set folders

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Not sure if this is an AM problem or not, but lately, I have seen a set of plug-ins I have acquired from one particular company (SonicCharge) get confused about their respective presets. These presets are stored in plug-in-specific folders, each subdivided into category folders, with all of these nested folders stored in a top-level SonicCharge folder. Here's the problem:

If I choose a pre-set for one SonicCharge plug-in, I find that the next plug-in from SonicCharge I use will show me that first plug-in's folder of pre-sets, not its own. So, I navigate my way to the second plug-in's folder and make a choice. But now, the first plug-in will show me the second one's folder, forcing me to navigate all over again. And so forth and so on.

I didn't used to see this and I wonder if it has something to do with Mavericks, which I made the mistake of installing.

Thanks in advance for any insights or ideas.