Please help test: draft fix for Mac Preferences issues and startup [FIXED in 2.0.4] crashes

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Ross B.
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Hi Guys

I was going to hold off on including the re-write of Mac Preferences handling for version 2.1 but it seems like a number of people have been having issues with this so I've decided to include a fix in the next update (2.0.4). If you've had problems with AudioMulch Preferences on MacOS, or you've had AudioMulch crash on startup which was resolved by deleting the plist please try out this beta version.

Once you run this version, 2.0.3 will probably not load correctly without deleting the preferences plist or restoring an old version.

You may want to make a backup copy of your preferences (found at Home /Library/Preferences/com.audiomulch.AudioMulch.plist ) so you can copy them back and go back to using 2.0.3 if there's a problem.

Please report any results, good or bad, here.

If this works for you I recommend uninstalling any previous version of AudioMulch.

Thank you


JM Charcot
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Hello Ross,

just spent one hour on the new beta, everything OK here.

Kind regards,