playing a file on file player, sending midi program changes = glitches

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I am having the issue described in the header and I'd like to check if it is a problem in my setup or anything, here are more details:

I play a file through a fileplayer. Checked with different files: shorter or longer the are playing fine. Its output goes straight to main output.

I am controlling some contraptions and vsts presets via midi program changes. Note the audio of the file player isn't processed by these contraptions.

When I start to send program changes I got glitches in the audio file being played.

This is quite annoying when doing quiet situations.

Can anyone reproduce this ?



Ross B.
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Hi Luca, What about if you use a TestGen to play a sine wave instead of the FilePlayer? do you get the glitching then?

Does AM's CPU indicator register a high value or turn red while the glitching is happening?

It sounds to me like the plugins are overloading the CPU when switching programs, but it's hard to say without more info.