Opening file causes 1/2 second silence

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Longtime Mulch user here... I have never had a problem I couldn't diagnose / solve but finally I have come to ask for help with this one.

My live performance patch is an exercise in loop manipulation. The patch has been evolving (incrementally becoming more complex) over a 10 year span.

When I am manipulating VSTs in realtime, there is no problem whatsoever, but sometimes when I attempt to open a new sound file (all of these would be 390bpm, 64-bar loops), I sometimes get a quick "pause" in the sound for 1/2 a second or 1/4 of a second. The entire thing is frozen for that moment, and resumes where it stopped (the flow of the bpm is disrupted). Curiously, when I listen to recorded wav renderings from the soundout contraption, the sound is not interrupted. 

I have my buffer at maximum. I can supply other pertinent settings if needed. 

I'm wondering if I have merely maxed out the capacity of my machine or the program / patch itself? I'm using about 60% of the CPU at the most during a performance.

My crummy work-around is to stop manipulating the VSTs while opening a file, but it's difficult to do so when in the midst of performing.

Any ideas for troubleshooting this?

My regards to Ross, incredible software!


Ross B.
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Hi Blaerg,

What exactly do you mean by "manipulating VSTs in real-time"? Does the pause happen with all VSTs? or only with some?

Does the pause happen as soon as you click the OK button to load the sound file, or does it happen some time later while it is loading?



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My patch is quite complex - there are about 40 different effects, all of which are routed to the soundout with mixers etc. It is designed so that only discrete use of effects are in effect at any given moment.


The pause happens once the OK button is pressed.