Network sync issue - playing a show on Saturday!

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I use audiomulch to make mashups with the loop players, and I'll be performing for the first time on Saturday. I am experiencing a bug with the network sync feature. I need 5 windows for my performance, and currently I'm using network sync between two instances of audiomulch as I progress through my set. 


I've encountered an issue where the instance chasing the network sync makes a very loud awful noise when it syncs. Either just catching the sync, or hitting play whem it's caught the sync but not yet playing. It sounds like maybe it's smashing in all the sound that would have been played between 1.1 and whatever measure I sync at. It does this even when every loop is muted. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ross B.
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Just a note to anyone reading this: we sorted this out via email. It turns out to be a problem with Network Sync when starting patches with muted loop players: the mutes don't kick-in until the next bar, so everything starts unmuted (ouch!).

A workaround is to add a muted SGain before sound out and only unmute it once the file is synced and playing. 

The problem will be fixed for the 2.2.4 update.