Multi-user licence deployment?

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Hi, apologies if this has been answered elsewhere but is it possible to licence AudioMulch in a multi-user environment (i.e. for student lab use in education)? We are trying to create a deployment package but on entering the licence info, this appears to be stored under HKEY_Current_User in the registry. Even if we then export the relevant keys and re-import for a new user, the values for 'Name' and 'V2LicenceKey' under HKCU\Software\Ross Benica\AudioMulch\2.0\LicenceAuthorisation are erased when the application is fired up, which sends the applcation back to the evaluation version. Is there any way of preventing the values being wiped, or getting the application to look for its licence under HKLM instead? Many thanks for any advice, Martin.

Ross B.
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Hi Martin,

If you launch the appplication with Admin rights ("Run as Administrator") and then authorise, the key should be written to HKLM.

Please could you email me at and I'll send you the current multi-user licence info document. I'd rather not discuss the internal workings of the licence key mechanism on the forum.