Mulch doesn`t save VST-properties

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I bougth the soft-synthi "little one" from Xhun-audio. And though it runs on mulch, it doesn´t save the properties of the plugin nor the preset, that was load. Snapshots doesn´t work, either. Only the normal automation over the generic editor is possible. Mayby it doesn´t remember because of the way it´s save its presets. In Cubase it saves every change on the preset immediately in this preset. In mulch It is saved in a subfolder of my mulch2.0-vst-folder.

Feel free to write similar problems with other VST´s.

Should I contact Xhun-audio?

Ross B.
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> Should I contact Xhun-audio?

It would be helpful if you can at least notify the developer that it isn't working and let them know that they are welcome to get in touch with me at to try to resolve the issue. If you'd like to send me their contact details privately I can also ask them directly.

A similar issue has been observed with other plugins in the past. We have not yet gotten to the bottom of it. I suspect that it's an issue with the plugins, however it may be possible to resolve this within AudioMulch -- but I would need the cooperation of a plugin developer to resolve the issue since obviously many plugins work just fine, so the source of the error is unclear.

Thank you


Ross B.
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@whitelight: did you ever get this resolved with the developer?