Guru Parameter Names in Metasurface [fixed in 2.2.0]

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Hello from Turkey
i was trying the evolution version of this beauty
and i can say i am in love with it...Metasurface !
especially with Geist , Guru , (Fxpansion) , Microtonic ( Sonic Charge) ...
incredible easy usage + capture the ideas fast...

one thing bothering me so far :
Guru parameter name conflict in the Metasurface

This is causes the no snapshot capture from the Guru Custom editor
but if i move the sliders in the Generic editor ( which is also shows correct names )
snapshot capture works.

I check Reaper 4 and FL 10 there is no such a name conflicts in Vst parameter names so i don't thing this is Guru related ..
am i the only one who had this problem?

Best Regards

Ross B.
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Hi from Australia :)
Re: "name conflict"
I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "name conflict" do you mean the names aren't in sync with the plugin? In some places AM currently caches the names rather than always reading them from the plugins this is a known issue in the Parameter Control window with Reaktor for example. The AM generic editor should have the correct names -- is that your experience?

Re: snapshot capture
I've just implemented a fix for this which should keep AM synchronised with custom editor program changes. I'm not sure that will resolve your issue exactly but if you'd like to try it out email me at and I'll send you a test version later in the week when it's ready.



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i just send the email
Thank you

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this issue fixed already since alpha 5
snapshots storing Guru parameters correctly now.
i just forgot to write here sorry for that ..

also additional info for the someone who want to use Guru in this way =
there is too many parameter names has only (-)...and this is Guru related thing
they are same in every host that i tried so far ( Reaper , FL , AM)
if you want to automate Guru with Metasurface disable all this (-) named parameters...
everything will be fine.