Disparity between exported and played sound

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This might be a very silly, easy question; if so, forgive me. I've been having problems with the wav's I've been exporting from Audiomulch. They pulsate and are very choppy-sounding, rather than smooth and continuous, throbbing rather than playing all the way through smoothly; it sounds like either my bpm is off somewhere (dunno where; I tried to fix that anywhere I could to no avail) or it's hitting the same note over and over. I'm exporting these files to 192Kbps wav's- prior to my problem, there was no issue whatsoever (though I've had this same problem in the past). The sound plays back normally in Audiomulch, it's just the exported product I'm having problems with. Any suggestions?

Ross B.
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I guess you mean 192KHz wav files. It's possible some contraption or plugin you're using doesn't work the same way at 192k. Do you have the same problem if you export at 44.1k?

It might be a bug. If you can, send me an amh document that has the problem and I'll check it out for you. rossb@audiomulch.com