Curious Audio Distortion

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I'm experiencing a strange audio problem. It occurs in AudioMulch, and also occurs in content played from a browser, i.e. YouTube audio, Vimeo and other flash based plugins, however does NOT occur if I download the audio and listen to it in a different player, i.e download an MP3 from the flash app, and play it in winamp.

The sound is a kind of ringing sound that gets loader depending on the bass content of the audio, i.e. its amplitude is modulated by the programme LF content.

This is quite a bizar sound, that is pretty inoffensive, most of the time, but can ruin certain material!

I can pretty much say that its nothing to do with my DAC, amp, speakers and headphones, as it only occurs when the exact same file is streamed via a flash app, and not when played in winamp or itunes etc. I have been aware of this problem for a while, but it wasn't until I got Audio Mulch that curiosity, and wanting to listen to clean audio, got the better of me!

Any input would be much appreciated, as extensive googling has revealed nothing, even if it is just what would link AudioMulch and in-browser flash apps, but not winamp, itunes, Ableton Live, VLC player, and most other programmes that generate sound without this problem!

I am running windows vista, on an acer travelmate 5720.

Cheers in adavance