Bidule in AudioMulch 2 in OSX

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David Routledge
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Joined: August 17, 2009

got a problem.
When I load Bidule into AudioMulch 2 (On OSX),
and I try to type in a new Constant, create a new Preset, or enter information into a Value List, I um unable to get the information to stay.
Or, in other words, Bidule doesn't respond to the information I put in.
Not sure whether it's a Bidule or an AudioMulch 2 problem,
but I'd love to use them together.

Ross B.
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Joined: April 11, 2009

Hi David
I recommend that you report this on the Bidule forums if you havn't already. We're working together to improve compatibility.. in this case I'd say Plogue are in the best position to investigate the problem.


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Usually in Bidule, you need to press return to make a new value for a constant or similar to 'stick'. What happens when you do that in Mulch?