Audiomulch can't save files and don't see more than 2 outputs

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Andrei K.
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Hello everyone! Sorry for possibly stupid question which was probably have been answered million times already. I have a license and software runs OK at my home PC. I have installed it on my laptop also. Recently I've received a notification (on laptop) that 90-days trial period has expired. I have entered my license number and it seems to be accepted. At least it shows that it's licensed to me while loading software. Nevertheless, it seems to be not fully functional as I can't save files and use more than 2 outputs on my sound card. Could anyone tell me what is wrong? Thank you.

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Hello Andrei,

Can you clarify what you mean by "can't save files"? Does the 90 day expiry message display? or are you having some other issue.

Have you tried to adjust the settings to assign the additional channels of your sound card?

Please also could you clarify whether you are using a Windows or Mac laptop.



Andrei K.
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Hello Ross,

Thank you for reply. I can't save *.amh configuration files that's what I mean. When I'm trying, I get "Error" message. Yes, 90 day expiry message has been displayed few days ago and then I've entered my license code and it was accepted (or, at least, it seems so). 

Yes, I've adjusted the settings so AudioMulch sees all 4 balanced outputs of my soundcard.

I'm using Windows.



Andrei K.
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Ross B.
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Hello Andrei, what exact Error message do you see? Please feel free to email me a screenshot at

The issue may relate to permissions settings on your computer. One thing to try is to save the .amh file in a different location. (e.g. on the Desktop, in your Documents folder, on a USB drive).