2GB Recorder File Limit?

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Hello, still loving AudioMulch, it's a very inspiring tool!

I'm running AM 2.2.3 on a 2012 MacBook Pro, OSX 10.8.2. Last night while recording to a 24 bit stereo AIF on my external Lacie FireWire drive I got an error message after a couple hours and it stopped recording. At first I thought it was a cable/drive error but when I checked the file today I saw it was just over 2GB. Is this a 32 bit limitation? I checked AM help files on SoundOut and File Recorder, didn't see anything. If that's not the case I can probably dig up a log.


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> Is this a 32 bit limitation?

It's a limitation of WAV and AIFF files.

There has been a request to support broadcast WAV and/or some other long-running format. Other people would like to be able to "chain" record on to multiple files.

The long-running format request is more likely to happen in the near term. I'm currently re-working the soundfile streaming engine and when that's done it will be practical to add that.

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Yeah, I think the new EU radio regulations, (as well as endorsing certain loudness standards, EBU R-128 and ITU-R BS.1770), and people in the industry are also trying to get more people to use broadcast .wav (.BWF) because you can also store meta-data easily in those files, which will help with tracking royalties for music downloads. If Mulch supported export in .bwf (and .flac pretty please?) that would be great.

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I see, thanks!