How to connect to a Windows sound output device, duplicate the stream and output it to tow physical sound devices (USB DACs)?

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Hello. I've been told it can be done, but I can't find any way to do it.

This is on Windows 10. I have a regular audio player. I need it to play 2.0 music into a single audio device, and I need the sound to be split and directed to TWO different sound output devices. I don't care if the player outputs to a regular Windows device or to a virtual one; it could be a 4.0 device (the player then will handle duplication) or a 2.0 device that then splits the signal. I only need to:

1. Get the player to play into a single device (virtual or otherwise) and output to 2 physical devices; and

2. be able to apply channel-wise VST plugins to every channel separately. If you can create a 4.0 device then the player should be able to handle it; otherwise the backend splitter has to provide the ability to load and configure VST plugins.

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Anything to do with Audiomulch? Very easy to do it there!

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Erm... Why do you suppose I'm asking here? :)

I've been told AudioMulch can do it, but I couldn't find a way even if my life depended on it. Unfortunately, the person who told me that a while ago is unavailable for questioning.

Frankly, I find Audiomulch UI not very intuitive. But more importantly, I think I've looked everywhere around the program's interface, and didn't see anything that seems relevant to my problem. Specifically: how do I grab sound from one of the Windows output sound devices? I mean, there is AuxIn and SoundIn but that's not what I need, obviously.