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Joined: September 12, 2009

I made a review on my blog about the novation launchpad, and a video showing me controlling audiomulch with it:

and the youtube link:

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interesting article dude! thank you very much for the video as well.

i've been pondering whether to grab one of these for my audiomulch sets. i think it'd be a really cool addition.

although, some of the things you write in your review do make me think a bit more about it though.

for example, the red only LED's in user customizable MIDI mode, the fact that in an off state, it only moves to a dimmer red, and also that of course it will never be as fast as the monome.

i've been considering building an arduinome for audiomulch sets, but i'm not sure whether this would be better, or the arduinome.


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well, I'd get this, because the arudinome costs more to make, and takes forever, all time away from working on music! But that's just how I see it. There are higher-quality ones out there, the block, and the monome, but the launchpad just has that nice balance of cheapness, and has its own nice features like the multi-color LED's. Hopefully someone will make some custom software to make midi templates fro the launchpad... if someone else doesn't, maybe i'll do it myself ;).

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you're definitely right about everything, except as you've said in your article, the multi-color thing only works with ableton.

do you think it would be possible to bypass the automap thing, and write like custom midi patch in max/msp for an audiomulch/launchpad link up?

that'd be pretty awesome, cause then you could start playing around with the multi-color LED's, and have them actually switch off instead of going to a dimmer red.

will definitely consider this.


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hey folks,
I could not resist buying a launchpad.

so any trickery you can share is greatly appreciated.

and in regards to
the multi-color thing only works with ableton.

there is a programmers reference.pdf
I think on novations site, It gives you all the MIDI values you need for setting any LED any state.

At least it reads that way to me, but I am an expert on Nothing and a Master Of Half-Knowledge in in too many things... ;)

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here you go:

hope this works...

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hey guys,

any progress on your launchpad-adventures?

sorry, i can't report any....

but it would be flabbergastingly wonderful if any of you comes up with something that finally draws me back into the MulchiVerse... ;)

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hey bagger thanks for posting this. pretty cool. some nice sounds in your little demo too.

Fernando Rabelo
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Hello, if this topic continuing i made some progress with Launchpad Novation and AudioMulch and can discuss :)

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how is it going? LP&Numerology integration is a nice example

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Just made took the plunge and ordered a Launchpad. In theory it seems like a great partner for AM, so looking forward to seeing what happens!

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hi guys, i'm new here.. just a couple of days on audiomulch, and it's great
if anyone has tips about launchpad configuration or anything like templates or something else let me know!

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So yeah, I've gotten a Launchpad recently too but have already had a heck of a time trying to get it to work with Audiomulch. I really don't know where to start with MIDI Katapult. Let's please keep this thread going!

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i wanted to setup the launchpad to control a matrix mixer, but I really don't want to MIDI map each of the 64(!) buttons one after the other. Is there an easier way to do this?
I guess I just psyched myself out. It didn't take that long to map. Still, if anyone wants it: The default user page 2 works the best with visual feedback, but I need to educate myself on automap more because the matrix always responds.

I also haven't been able to figure out how to step presets and fade time is only working as a toggle, but one neat thing with the fade time is that if you turn on smoothing you can do a neat effect.

Different colors are dependent on the velocity, but I have no idea how to change that.

Anyway, just having an 8x8 matrix with touch controls is awesome! I'm thinking about experimenting with stickers for better visual feedback or maybe a label maker to add touch feedback.

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Since after posting this video, i've been using MIDI katapult to control the launchpad. It didn't seem too hard to me. Using a text file to set up a template makes a lot of sense.

This is an example of the layout I used. The first page is a matrix mixer, second page is faders with mutes, third page is something I use for reaktor.

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thanks for posting this, i'll try it today . I use MidiKatapult too but not too often as i use even Numerology that has native support for the LP ,may be the time to get another LP :)

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great, good luck with that. I have to say the thought has occurred to me--to get a second launchpad so I could use one with mulch and one with N2. That would be nuts.

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Would you mind putting that link up again, it doesn't work anymore. And by the way great youtube video. I own two launchpads myself (the older one and the new launchpad s).

Just tried out Audiomulch today and I am definitely going to buy this, it is much better for my live performances and I can keep using Ableton for my productions.

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