Best way to recall automation states, but not in real-time?

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Hi there

I'm hoping to use AudioMulch to assist with a live performance of an electroacoustic piece from the late 90s, The Hidden Souq of El-Ezbee:

It calls for 6 live effects types, which are used in different combinations as the piece progresses. Some performers use multiple guitar pedals, or step through programs on multi-fx hardware.

The effects are easy to set up in Audiomulch, but I'm wondering what the best way is to advance through the different combinations of enabled and disabled contraptions. I don't want to use conventional automation, as the performer isn't playing to a strict click and needs some freedom with timing and duration. But is there another way to essentially advance through a series of contraption 'states' at will - either via some kind of MIDI control, computer keyboard shortcut, or even mouse click?

Would appreciate any help and advice from AudioMulch gurus...

Thanks - Robin

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Tried using the Metasurface?
Press "F10" to check it out.

Tutorial 4: