Complex setup - Where is audio happening?

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Uncle GroOve
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Was working on an instance with multiple basslines and arpeggiators running into all sorts of delay loops and AU effects.

I noticed that when the transport was stopped I would still get loud tones emanating from somewhere within the structure, and eventually discovered it was the arpeggiators.

The question is this:  is there a way to visualise the active signals vs the muted signal lines?

If not - is it something that can be implemented in a future release?




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Perhaps you know, in the drop-down View menu, you can toggle "contraption I/O activity monitors," which show signal flows (and overloads). There is a small penalty to pay in GUI refresh rate, so it's not something you want to necessarily have turned on all the time. HOpe this helps.

Uncle GroOve
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this will add a lot to your patch but the sonalksys free G plug in has level meters, fader, pan etc.. is very handy. i patch them in all over the place and it makes it easy to adjust things when it's time to record.. free plug in.. i find it very useful.

i think it adds less CPU hit than the "contraption I/O activity monitors"