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Is there a Help File (or Manual) in a .PDF format? I like to read manuals on my mobile readers while commuting or sitting in a restaurant...
I have tried converting the HTML file to pdf, but it only does one page at a time and I lose the ability to hyperlink within the document...

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Hi there. I work on the Help Files and no, we don't have a PDF version. You can access it on the website though - would this be suitable for your device (or are you only looking for a downloaded version)? You can find it here:

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I'm using Audiomulch since saturady

looking for pdf saw your message

I've generated pdf (and hyperlinks work)
You can download from here

[link removed]

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Hello. Juanv101
Many thanks indeed for creating a PDF file. That is great.

Best wishes and keep up the great work.


Ross B.
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It took a while, but we are now producing an official pdf version of the help file as well as the current hypertext versions. Here's the pdf: