using Keith McMillen SoftStep Foot Controller ?

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using Keith McMillen SoftStep Foot Controller ?
Has any one used one with audiomulch? there are two versions, one which acts as a mouse replacement plus a few gizmos, (keyWorx version)
and the other one which works with midi I believe.

Any other ideas for an 'intuitive' x/y controller which would enable playing on the metasurface whilst playing an instrument with two hands occupied.
Bruno, Oxford UK

brendon bussy
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If I'm not wrong there is one version of the softstep which can deal which outputs midi and can operate as a mouse etc when used with keyworx. The 12 step is more suitable for playing melodies (like a keyboard controller, but for your feet).

Here's a comparison.

I'd also be interested to see if anyone uses one with AM. A friend of mine has one and really enjoys it - here's a description of his setup.

Ross B.
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Christiano Bocci uses a SoftStep with AM, but I don't see any gestural control going on:

I had a friend around here the other day who is using one too. We didn't try the Metasurface.

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Im setting one up right now. Most of the steps I will use to turn things on and off. But definitely the Metasurface as this will do wonders for multiple EQ changes