File Recorder RAM edition/Temp Bins.

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I'd like to move audio to Drums, BubbleBlower and LoopPlayer more seamlessly with the FileRecorder.

I mean, it's very close to what I envision now, in that I can already record with the FileRecorder, load the file in a Drum or LoopPlayer contraption, and then record over it an load it again in another contraption in order to sample what I'm doing on the fly.

I guess I'd like a little temp area that I can chose to save/load from when working, so I don't have to worry about files I'm not going to keep and also make sure I'm not going to acidently overwrite something I do want. Nice to avoid the guts of the OS filesystem and It'd be good not to stop and pause to name them 1,2,3, etc.

Maybe a little bin we can drag the recordings from to the slots in the contraptions? I'd give up a bit of space on the contraptions pallete myself. :)

This would also be fun and useful if we could get at the LiveLooper and CanonLooper tracks, but that's another story!

Ross B.
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Yes it would be interesting wouldn't it :)

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Hello Jona, Hello Ross

It is a nice general idea, you have mentioned. The audiosampler, I suggested, have the advantage, that the files can be ordered by its triggerkey and the timeline, instead of 1,2,3. The files (the ideas) must be save in the audiomulch-file (and be seen in the audiosampler-properties). Drag and drop reduce allways stress.