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I have seen this useful idea in a software I am using ( Mobius).

Midi binding lets you see in one single document all the midi control assignements which are assigned to the application.

In that case it is thought just as a visual display, not as a place where you can change them.

I think it would be a really interesting add to Audiomulch.


Ross B.
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Yes I have thought about some kind of left-to-right tree that shows which parameters are mapped by which MIDI controllers. Another option I've thought of lately would be to have the MIDI source displayed in the tree in the parameter control window (so far it just shows *which* parameters are mapped, not what their sources are).

btw. this is a feature request, there is a place for that :)

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Sorry Ross,

I've noticed I missed your reply.

I think the first option would be the best, in my case at least.

thanks and sorry for having posted in the wrong thread, can you move it there ?